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    Arguably the ultimate pickup with the best tonal elements of humbuckers and single coils, the P90 single coil has a distinct and gutsy tone all of its own. The sound of a hand-wound late '50s vintage P90 is unmistakable, as is the tone of those early LP J [...]
    99,00 €
    Trilogy Suite single coils are designed for players who want anything but a vintage tone. All the character and extended frequency response of a true single coil partnered with a hot wind of modern polysol wire and Alnico V rods produce a high output Stra [...]
    99,00 €
    Based on player requests for Telecaster® tones from specific eras and backed up by meticulous research, the Blackguard Tele Series is a collection of four classic Tele sets ranging from the original blackguard Teles of 1950 through to later 1968 models. [...]
    109,00 €
    Due to popular demand we have designed a model exclusive to Telecaster guitars: the Cobra T. Following in the footsteps of our hugely successful single coil for Strats, the Cobra Coil, the Cobra T is once again, a true, high gain single coil. [...]
    115,00 €
    From its introduction in 1951, the Precision bass transformed the world of bass playing with its unique look, feel and tone. The Bare Knuckle P Bass range captures that ground breaking tone in both original Tele bass single coil and later humbucking split [...]
    130,00 €
    A high output, modern voiced P90 designed for players looking to push the boundaries of progressive tone. [...]
    139,00 €
    Tightness and attack of a ceramic with the dynamics and musical nature of an Alnico. Ceramic & Alnico bridge magnet. Alnico V neck magnet. [...]
    169,00 €
    The stack pot Jazz bass introduced in 1960 further pushed the boundaries of solid-body bass tone. With an individual bridge and neck coil, blend-able for a wide range of tones and hum-cancelling, Bare Knuckle J bass sets accurately recreate the original d [...]
    195,00 €
    A higher output vintage Strat set with modern edge to the voicing for a more driven tone and increased midrange presence over vintage spec pickups. [...]
    229,00 €
    All the tone and power you ever wanted. Contemporary output. Alnico V bridge magnet. Alnico IV neck magnet. [...]
    279,00 €
    The ultimate high output Djent humbucker with raw and focused grinding crunch, extremely fast bass response and aggressive upper mid impact. [...]
    289,00 €
    Designed to replicate the tones of Peter Green's famous '59 Les Paul complete with legendary out of phase in-between tone. [...]
    289,00 €
    The Rebel Yell just growls with an even harmonic richness that I never hear in other pickups. It's so full of clear bottom and perfect pick attack. These pickups are in a whole other league, they're the real deal! [...]
    299,00 €
    A radical look for a radical pickup; all the power and clarity of an active with all the tone and dynamics of a passive. Black Hawk humbuckers were designed in response to players' demands for a pickup that embodied the transparency and output of an activ [...]
    303,00 €
    The perfect synergy of old-school and modern rock tones in a high output humbucker with Alnico V or ceramic options for the bridge pickup. From hot, fat blues rock through to aggressive thrash, the Nailbomb explodes with a strong and commanding voice. [...]
    319,00 €
    The Mule humbuckers are built and voiced as faithful reproductions of the best sounding late '59 PAFs with a differing number of turns of vintage correct 42 AWG plain enamel wire on each coil. This results in outstanding clarity and extended dynamic range [...]
    320,00 €
    The Juggernaut humbucker is designed with symmetrically hand-wound twin screw coils and has a unique combination of massive Alnico V and ceramic VIII flankers for its engine in the bridge and a custom size Alnico V in the neck. [...]
    329,00 €
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    Di 21 maart 2017
    Vanaf heden zijn wij official dealer van Supro gitaren, amps en effects. Kom ze uitproberen in onze winkel in Genk !

    Do 22 september 2016
    Wij zijn nu dealer van Ergoplay gitaarsteunen voor zowel volwassene als kinderen, en voor zowel rechts- als linkshandige spelers.
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