IBANEZ - Tube Screamer Mini

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The classic, just smaller. The Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini proves that sometimes you just can't beat the original; you can however make it smaller. A landmark pedal, and one that has rightly cemented its place in musical history on countless recordings and performances- from SRV to John Mayer. While its tube-like warm overdrive is well suited to blues, its versatility means you can shape its tone to suit any application. From light overdrive to gently thicken your sound, to thicker, crunchier tones, the TS Mini excels at them all and anything in between. The design incorporates both the JRC4558 chip internally- the exact same that made the original TS808 so special, and is an identical reproduction of the original circuit, just reduced in size. The Tube Screamer's legacy speaks for itself and the TS Mini shows exactly why this reputation was well-earned, all in a more compact package.
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Effect: Overdrive Controls: Tone, Level, Overdrive Power Supply: External AC Adapter (DC 9V) Size: 92.6mm (D) x 50.9mm (W) x 55.1mm (H) Weight: 292g

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