BIG JOHN - Granny Puker - Dirty Octaver

The Big John Granny Puker will give you weird but very good distortion effects and dirty octave (down) sounds. It is as unique as your music. There is nothing like it! This stompbox is designed for guitar as well as for bass guitar and synth.
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The Big John Granny Puker is a unique overdrive/octave down effect pedal that gives you the ability to use straight overdrive, straight octave down, and mix between the two. The Big John Granny Puker features knobs for Volume, Mixer, and Puke. The Mixer knob controls the blend of the octave down effect and the Puke control is your overdrive gain. This gives you complete control over the effect from pure overdrive to slight octave to total octave down. The Big John Granny Puker is point-to-point wired by hand with top quality components. And like all Big John pedals, the Granny Puker is built to be indestructible!
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– Volume control, – Mixer control (mix-in the amount of octave down), – Puke control = Gain (adjusts the amount of distortion).
Guarantee: 24 Month

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