D'ADDARIO - ECG23 - Snaren Electrische Gitaar Flat Wound

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XL Chromes are our warmest, mellowest electric guitar strings. Beloved by jazz guitarists, as well as blues legends like Gary Clark Jr., these flat wound strings provide the smoothest feel and warmest tone, while allowing movement across the fretboard with no finger noise. Made with a high carbon steel core, Chromes’ stainless steel flattened ribbon wire is expertly wound onto a series of interlocking under-windings, then precisely polished for unparalleled smoothness and a sound which blends beautifully into any mix. 10-48 Extra Light is our lightest gauge of flatwound strings.
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PRODUCT FEATURES Coating: Uncoated Number Of Strings: 6 Set Type: Sets Wrap Material: Stainless Steel XL Chromes are a flat wound electric guitar string, which provide a mellower tone than round wound strings. Chromes’ stainless steel flattened ribbon wrap wire is precisely polished for unparalleled smoothness and the warmest tone you’ll find from an electric string. Like all D’Addario electric guitar strings, XL Chromes are made with our proprietary Hex-Core, ensuring perfect intonation, consistent feel, and reliable durability. Chromes sets have a code on the recyclable VCI bag, which you can register to earn Players Circle points. D’Addario electric guitar strings are made in the USA—drawn to our exacting specifications at our New York production facility.
Guarantee: 24 Month

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