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The Ibanez TMB100 Talman Bass black is a bass guitar with a vintage look and a powerful range of sounds applicable to many genres. The Talman outline offers a distinct aesthetic, combined with the retro Ibanez headstock and logo along the vintage looking hardware. The TMB100 also feels like a vintage instrument with its glossy-finished, medium-thick neck topped with a medium-rounded fingerboard. When it comes to tonality, the TMB100 features a Dynamix J bridge pickup and Dynamix P middle pickup - this combination provides access to both split-coil and bar-type pickup sounds, for the ultimate in versatility and an ability to play almost any genre. The two control knobs look simple by outward appearance, but look closer and you'll see that they are both dual concentric knobs. These allow you to balance the level of each pickup, adjust your master volume and shape your tone with an active 2-band EQ. The TMB100's classic-looking aesthetic hides its modern versatility and gives you the best of old and new guitar styles. Whether you're looking for a versatile bass guitar for the practice room, or a smooth and stable instrument for the stage, the TMB100 Talman will not disappoint.
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Neck type: TMB4Maple neck Top/back/body: Poplar body Fretboard : Jatoba fretboardWhite dot inlay Fret: Medium frets Number of frets: 20 Bridge: B10 bridge String space: 19mm Neck pickup: Dynamix P neck pickupPassive Bridge pickup: Dynamix J bridge pickupPassive Equaliser: Ibanez Custom Electronics 2-band EQ Factory tuning: 1G,2D,3A,4E String gauge: .045/.065/.085/.105 Hardware color: Chrome

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