WARM AUDIO - Foxy Tone Box

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The new Foxy Tone Box from Warm Audio is a hyper-accurate recreation of one of the most sought-after and beloved fuzz pedals of all time - used in the early seventies by legendary tone masters Billy Gibbons and Peter Frampton, and in the present day by folks like Adrian Belew, Nine Inch Nails and Beck. Covered in thick velvet just like the vintage pedal, the Warm Audio Foxy Tone Box faithfully recreates the vintage circuit and brings you the huge tone, octave-up sounds and look of the original…without having to pay crazy vintage prices!
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Fuzz Exact replica of the Foxx Tone machine, one of the most sough-after and popular fuzz pedals of all time Like the original, the Foxy Tone Box is covered with thick velvet Handmade using high quality components, including NOS 2N3565 germanium fairchild transistors as used in the original circuit Uses carbon resistors, 1N34A germanium diodes and film capacitors Controls: Volume, sustain, fuzz tone Switch: Octave up LED: Power Foot pedal: Effect bypass Input: 6.3 mm Jack Output: 6.3 mm Jack Power supply connection: AC adapter, 5.5 x 2.1 mm, negative polarity inside Current consumption: 1.5 mA Powered via 9 V battery or 9 V DC power supply True bypass Dimensions (W x D x H): 165 x 95 x 38 mm Weight: 635 g

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