JHS - Crimson Red Army OD

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JHS Crimson is an exact replica of Sovtek's Mike Matthews Red Army Overdrive. Those in the know then know enough: the Big Muff! The Red Army is the very first Russian-made Big Muff ever produced and one of the rarest of all time. The pedal was only produced in 1991-92 and in very small numbers. With this Crimson you can now own a unique part of fuzz history. The knobs on the pedal are Volume, Tone and Distort. With the Volume knob you control the overall output level. With the Tone knob you switch between bright and dark tones, so the fuzz works well with different amps and guitars. With Distort you control the fuzz. The more you turn this knob up, the more fuzz you get. On the side is another Mode button that allows you to access the JHS mode. Push the button for a mid-frequency boost that forces your sound through the mix a bit more. If you love the Smashing Pumpkins, Wilco, Sonic Youth, David Gilmour, White Stripes and Dinosaur Jr, this is the pedal for you!
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Overdrive From the 'Legends Of Fuzz' series by JHS Pedals Based on the Sovtek Mike Matthews Red Army Overdrive Wide range of possible sounds through flexible tone control Switchable JHS mode gives the signal more gain and a mid-boost True bypass Volume, tone, distortion controls Mode switch Bypass foot switch Status LED 6.3 mm Mono jack input / output Power supply with 9 V battery or via 9 V DC power supply (2.1 mm x 5.5 mm coaxial connector, polarity (-) inside, not included) Current consumption less than 100 mA Metal housing Dimensions (L x W x H): 144 x 92 x 51 mm Weight: approx. 380 g

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