ARTURIA - PolyBrute - 6-Voice Polyphonic Analog Morph Synthesizer

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PolyBrute MORPHING ANALOG POLYSYNTH PolyBrute is more than a synthesizer - it's a 6-voice analog powerhouse, with unprecedented expressivity and sound morphing capabilities, built to let you perform fearlessly, compose with fluidity, and explore sound in perpetual motion. Like no synth before it PolyBrute goes against the grain to provide something entirely new - and not just a new sound, new feel, new design. This is a new approach to synthesis. The raw energy of Brute oscillators, stacked six voices high, shaped by the versatility of dual enhanced classic filters. But with PolyBrute, a patch isn't just a single sound; it's an entire spectrum of sonic color that can be traversed at the touch of a single control. Attain the unattainable. With such sonic depth comes the need for tactility. Playing PolyBrute is like suddenly being able to play several instruments at once; a multi-faceted tool of musical expression. From the classic ribbon strip to the state-of-the-art Morphée controller, each component is designed to respond to your every musical nuance. Sounds complicated? Not a chance. PolyBrute's intuitive function-per-knob interface and the tactile elegance of the Matrix puts next-generation sound comfortably within reach. Morphing a new musical dimension Seamless transitioning of multiple parameters from one state to another, and everything in between. Morphing, combined with the Morphée and PolyBrute's uniquely eloquent inventory, paves the way for endless patch evolution and expressivity. Every patch stores an A and B state, complete with numerous parameter settings. When you gradually sweep between those two states, you’re simultaneously altering all relevant parameters - like turning all the knobs at once. Map PolyBrute’s envelopes, LFOs, aftertouch and sequencer to change the morph position between the two states in real-time. Infinite positions on an elusive spectrum of sound, instantly accessible. Expressive tour de force To complement its sonic power and colossal flexibility, we knew we wanted PolyBrute to have every conceivable means of performance expression. The single morph knob is the key that unlocks PolyBrute’s sweeping morph abilities - but it doesn’t end there.
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Box contents PolyBrute unit Power cable Size & weight Instrument size : 38.3 x 14.9 x 4.4 inches (972 x 378 x 110mm) Instrument weight : 44 lbs. (20 Kg) Main Features Analog Morphing Synthesizer 6 voices of Polyphony Mono, Unison, Poly voicing Single, Split, Layer modes 61-keys with Velocity and Aftertouch Pitch Bend, Mod Wheel, Ribbon controllers Morphée touch and pressure sensitive 3D controller Sound Morphing capability, part A and B for each preset Two Analog VCO's Saw Triangle + Metalizer Square + Pulse Width Sub Linear FM Hard Sync Noise Generator Continuous tone from rumble noise to white noise Osc and Noise Mixer with Filter routing 12dB/Oct Steiner Parker Filter Continuous LP>Notch>HP>BP morphing Cutoff, Resonance, Brute Factor 24dB/Oct Ladder Filter with Distortion Three Envelopes Two ADSR One DADSR Looping capability Three LFOs LFO1 and LFO2 with waveform selection LFO3 with waveform shaping using Shape and Symmetry Rate control & Tempo Sync Various retrig options Three stereo digital effects Modulation FX : Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Ring Modulation, ... Delay : 9 algorithms including BBD, Digital delay, ... Reverb : 9 algorithms including Hall, Plate, Spring, Shimmer, ... 768 preset slots 12x32 Modulation Matrix 64 step polyphonic sequencer Notes, Accent, Slide per step 3 tracks of automation Arpeggiator and Matrix Arpeggiator Stereo audio output MIDI and USB i/o + analog clock i/o 2 expression and 1 sustain pedal inputs
Guarantee: 24 Month

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