TAYLOR - 326ce - Urban Ash/Mahogany - SEB Top

326ce Tropical Mahogany Top | Urban Ash Back and Sides | Tropical Mahogany Neck | West African Crelicam Ebony Fretboard | Expression System® 2 Electronics | Soundport Cutaway | Taylor Deluxe Hardshell Brown Case
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Our updated Grand Symphony body represents a new take on the Taylor acoustic experience, and the 326ce offers an immersive, orchestral sound that's sure to inspire players of all stripes. Solid, responsibly sourced Urban Ash forms the back and sides, serving up a rich, focused midrange with a dash of low-end warmth. The mahogany top adds a woody character along with a touch of compression to even out a dynamic attack, making this a great option for tracking and recording. The most visible innovation is the soundport cutaway, placed at a 45-degree angle to the top to disperse sound in an omnidirectional fashion that results in a wide-angle, high-fidelity sound. With tone-boosting V-Class bracing inside, the 326ce offers acoustic sound like you've never heard it before.
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Grand Symphony & soundport cutaway for immersive sound Back/sides of solid, responsibly sourced Urban Ash Solid mahogany top for warmth and midrange focus V-Class bracing dials up power and longer sustain Includes ES2 pickup, deluxe brown hardshell case
Guarantee: 24 Month

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