DEL-TONE - 50’s S-style - Black

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Del-Tone guitars are build by Alvaro den Hartog and Vincent Sibum. "We specialise in building vintage styled and custom guitars and basses. Hard working and traditional skills form the basis of our company. Our guitars are defined by great craftsmanship and the use of the finest materials. We build instruments of boutique quality that sell for reasonable musician’s prices. All our guitars are build in our workshop in Alkmaar, The Netherlands." Alvaro den Hartog (Sao Paulo, Brazil 1989) has been working as a guitar builder for over the last ten years, both in his native country Brazil as in The Netherlands. He is known for his friendly, hard-working perfectionism. Alvaro specialises in woodwork, painting, aging and setups. Vincent Sibum (Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1989) studied guitar at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and played in lots and lots of bands. He has been winding guitar pickups for years and started his own brand Apollo Pickups in 2018. Vincent specialises in woodwork, pickups and quality control.
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Body: Abachi Color: Black Neck: Maple 9.5" Pickups: Apollo Pickups 50's S-style Aln. V

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