SOHO Sound Company - TWS bluetooth hybrid ANC headphones

TWS bluetooth hybrid ANC headphones, unique transparency mode, black
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Luxurious soft memory foam, beautifully designed swipe control and ambient mode. Think you better try these out. Active noise cancelling headphones that are completely wireless and can playback your favourite tunes for up to 60 hours from a single charge. Hybrid noise cancelling technology is a posh way of saying that the way Soho makes their headphones and the materials they choose helps stop outside noise coming inside the headphones. When you mix that with active noise cancellation, which is taking in certain sounds (frequencies) and chucking them back out again using microphones and fairy dust, you get a seriously decent isolated audio experience Swipe tap and hold Full audio playback control with no buttons – you only need touch and swipe on the right-hand Lady of Soho logo. Ambient mode lets you reduce the volume to hear sound around you. You can achieve this with a single palm on the logo. Seriously cool. Memory foam Ultra-soft memory foam headband padding is really good for comfort and listening over duration. Epic looking cans What can we say? It’s good to be different. Soho’s CEO’s mum always says to him “If everyone one liked the same thing, we would be in a pretty boring place”. Well, we couldn’t agree more. Huge battery A massive 60 hours of battery life with ANC switched off. Turn it on and you will still get 40 hours from 1 charge!
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