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The LA26 is a 2-way, full range line array cabinet housing two 6.5" neodymium Planar Diaphragm LF drivers, one 2" diaphragm HF neodymium driver loaded by Oblate Spheroidal Waveguide and a passive network presenting a nominal input impedance of 16O. The LF drivers are mounted on the side walls of the HF waveguide . The special planar diaphragm construction of these LF drivers suppresses the cavity effect and avoids any interference on the HF waves propagation inside the HF Oblate Spheroidal Waveguide. This special arrangement seamlessly combines the HF and LF acoustic centers to generate precisely coherent wavefronts that spread evenly in the horizontal plane and precisely couple in the vertical plane. The LA26 was designed to be incredibly versatile solving the needs of production companies, rental houses, theaters, houses of worship, working as main system, front fill, side array or as complement of larger-scale LA systems. For low frequency extension the LAs15A active subwoofer can be used. This unit is capable to process and power up to three LA26 passive line array elements.
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LA26 NC00216

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