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AI Machine Modeling pedal brings your TONEX Tone Models live on stage Perform with sounds indistinguishable from the real gear, no computer required Play through hundreds of amps, cabs, pedals and full rigs, including 1000 downloadable premium Tone Models and unlimited user downloads Doubles as a high-quality USB audio interface Ultra-low noise 24-bit, 192 kHz converters, 5 Hz–24 kHz frequency response and 123 dB dynamic range offers incredible sound quality Exclusive VIR™ multi-IR cabinets and custom IR Loader, Noise gate, EQ, compressor and 5 stereo reverbs for powerful on-stage tone shaping Full MIDI control and expression pedal input integrate into any rig Includes TONEX MAX software all-in-one player, modeler and librarian and AmpliTube 5 software
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Advanced AI Machine Modeling™ technology for hyper realistic Tone Models Play models of amps, amps + cabs, combos or pedals like: distortion, overdrive, fuzz, boost and EQ Compact form factor that fits on any pedalboard 50 banks with 3 preset slots each for up to 150 customizable presets Practice in silence with your favorite tone using the headphone output Full MIDI implementation for control over advanced rigs Swap the cab with any third-party IRs or use the included advanced VIR™ cab technology with customizable microphone placement Built-in USB port doubles an audio interface for recording and for preset management Includes TONEX MAX software all-in-one player, modeler and librarian and AmpliTube 5 software Plug-in for your favorite DAW - works as an AAX / VST / AU plug-in or in AmpliTube 5 Access to ToneNET for sharing, downloading and trying thousands of premium and free Tone Models. Model your own rig (amp, cabinets, pedals) using the TONEX modeling software Stage-ready, high-visibility display, shows the preset name, bank number or parameter’s name and value. Sturdy anodized aluminum chassis designed and crafted in Italy

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