Invaders Amplification - 535 BlueGrass Combo Reverb - B2B - brown light

Beautiful clean and crunch performance in a combo closed back with Eminence Legend Signature speaker. Even more finesse with the integrated spring reverb. The 535 BlueGrass Combo is a vintage amp with Fender style and tone. Lovers of beautiful amp and the clean, this combo is for you!
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THE 535 BLUEGRASS IS LOADED WITH POWERFUL FEATURES AND GREAT VERSATILITY First particularity, this combo have a cabinet speaker closed back for more roundness and spring reverb deliver the classic sound you know and love. Bass and treble setting to sculpt your tone and a switch to change the tone of this full-tube amp 35 watts. Too much volume ? Use the power switch for low power and get 17w. It is also equipped with a gain control and a very precise volume that will allow you to spend ‘an ultra clean sound with a fuzz literally passing through a slight crunch or natural distortion well in the spirit of the seventies.
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35 W / 17 W Full tubes (Power switch) Tube Amp Doctor Premium 6L6WGC (x2) 7025 WA HIGHGRADE (x1) 12AT7 GZ34 Speaker Outs 2x 4 – 1x 8 Ohm One Channel From a clean/crunch styled with a Fender Crunch Switch Adjust your gain for the clean/crunch Master volume Control your volume Equalization Classical feature: Bass and Treble Reverb Volume Control your spring reverb volume Sweep Switch Frequency curve variation for medium boost Bright Switch Brightens the tone Speaker Eminence Legend Signature speaker – 8 ohm – 150W Sizes W: 44,5cm / D: 28,5cm / H: 55cm Weight 19 Kg

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