Allpedal - STEEL PANTHER - 1987

Calling all Steel Panther fans! Relive the biggest Steel Panther hits with our dedicated pedal, which replicates the iconic tones of band members like Satchel. This pedal is designed to help you recreate the legendary Steel Panther songs with unparalleled accuracy.
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THE SOUND OF 1987 Behold, the Radness that is the 1987 pedal! The sound of 1987 perfectly packaged and delivered by your trusted stompbox connoisseurs, Steel Panther. This tag-team of Distortion and Delay is like a three-way with You, Ginger Lynn, and Christy Canyon. Just yourself, the talent in your extremities, and two of the baddest bitches on the planet. Just like most of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, this has Satchel’s flavor all over it. With the grit of 100 chainsaws and the ability to repeat itself more than that super stoned dude from Chemistry Class, it is truly the ultimate badass accessory…next to eyeliner.
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