The ROSS Compressor is an OTA-based, vintage-style compressor. This pedal is a faithful reproduction of the coveted “Era 2” Gray Box ROSS Compressor circuit, possibly the most legendary compressor of its kind.
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JHS-Ross compresoor
“Level” controls volume (right is louder, left is quieter). “Sustain” controls the amount of compression/sustain from the circuit (right is more compressed/sustained, left is less compressed/sustained). When activated, the side push switch toggles between two modes: Vintage and Bright. Bright mode helps your guitar cut through the mix when you need a little extra clarity for darker pickups or amplifiers. The footswitch activates the pedal via soft touch bypass switching. The status LED indicates the circuit is active. Specs The ¼” input and output jacks connect to your guitar and amplifier. The power jack accepts standard 9V DC Negative Center power and consumes 37mA. THIS PEDAL REQUIRES 9V DC NEGATIVE CENTER. DO NOT USE MORE THAN 9V DC, OR YOUR WARRANTY WILL BE VOIDED.

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