Voodoo Lab Pedal Power X8

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Pedal Power X8 is an ultra-compact high current isolated international voltage power supply that delivers reliable, zero-noise performance for pedals of all types. Its innovative hybrid DC transformer design integrates exotic components, linear regulation, and computer-optimized filtering to establish industry-leading audiophile-quality power. From vintage battery-operated stompboxes to modern high-current DSP effects, Pedal Power X8 combines the best of time-tested analog engineering with cutting-edge technology to ensure any pedal will sound its best. ALL ISOLATED OUTPUTS Equipped with eight galvanically isolated 9V DC outputs, Pedal Power X8 eliminates ground hum and unwanted interaction between pedals. Power 18V pedals by combining outputs with an optional voltage doubler cable or adapter. POWERFUL Each Pedal Power X8 output delivers up to 500mA of current to supply power-hungry modern DSP effects. Audiophile specifications also ensure the musical character of even the most sensitive vintage stompboxes is preserved. This wide spectrum of flexibility with each output means less guesswork when connecting your pedals. GOES ANYWHERE The low-profile, super light Pedal Power X8 is a perfect fit for small to medium-sized travel boards. Operating at any input voltage 100V-240VAC makes international touring convenient and hassle-free. No voltage converters needed. Just hit the road, plug in, and rock out. EXPANDING PEDAL POWER 3 In addition to serving as a stand-alone power supply, X8 can also power from X-LINK expansion ports, adding eight isolated outputs to a Pedal Power 3 Series power supply.
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8 isolated 9V 500mA DC outputs Innovative hybrid DC transformer design sets new benchmarks in power supply performance Audiophile-quality power ensures pedals always sound and perform their best Delivers clean, consistent power even with poor AC line conditions Ultra-compact design easily mounts to the smallest pedalboards Works with battery-operated and high current DSP effects Powers from included AC adapter - 100-240VAC operation for hassle-free international touring Also powers directly from Pedal Power 3 X-LINK expansion port or any 12V DC output 400mA or more Includes power cables and 3M Dual Lock for mounting Made in the U.S.A.

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