ELECTRO-HARMONIX - Microsynthesizer

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The EHX Micro Synth can create some of the most popular synthesizer textures with its four voices: GUITAR, OCTAVE, SUB OCTAVE AND SQUARE WAVE, which are completely independent and fully mixable. The MICRO SYNTH can modify these signals with envelope control for a variety of “bowed” or “blown” sounds. In addition, a sophisticated swept filter control allows highly variable frequency adjustments to be applied to the overall output signal. When combined, these controls offer the user a creative capability that is virtually limitless. Compact ten-slider layout lets the sonically adventurous guitarist dial in a virtually limitless array of analog synthesizer sounds: from percussive stabs to backwards-sounding bowed effects.
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Vintage analog sounds (Moog-like) Octave Up, Sub Octave, Square Wave Resonant filter section 10 Sliders for setting the sound From percussive up to soft bowed effects Dimensions (WxDxH): 120 x 145 x 64 mm Incl. power supply
Guarantee: 24 Month

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