2nd handpianos

We have been importing second-hand pianos from Japan for more than 25 years.

We receive a container several times a year.

These are mainly high-quality Yamaha and Kawai pianos. We choose this because these instruments are often recommended by piano teachers.

These instruments are carefully selected, each part is qualified and assessed for condition. Think of the keyboard, the hammers, the strings, the soundboard, the action of the mechanism.... This is expressed with a qualification from A+ to C- Our selected pianos are always of A-quality.

The piano sare expertly overhauled in Japan, using original parts if necessary, and receive a JUPA quality label.

Once the pianos arrive with us, we give them a check and a tuning and then they are ready for delivery. After delivery and air conditioning at the customer, there is a free inspection and tuning.

In terms of price, we try to be well under half of the new price!!

Delivery is free to the ground floor, the tuning after delivery is free and a 5-year warranty!