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Level up your audio performance with eight sonically stunning EVO Preamps. Backed by 25 years of engineering experience, our analogue mic preamp has been designed to deliver the most accurate, clean, and true to source version of your audio, no matter what you’re recording. • 8 x EVO Mic Preamps • 2 x JFET Instrument Inputs • 2 x Independent Headphone Outputs • 8 x Line Outputs • 2 x Optical Inputs • 2 x Optical Outputs • Multi-Channel Smartgain • ‘EVO Motion UI’ Control System • Programmable Function Button • Ultra-Low Latency Software Mixer • Monitor Control • Audio Loop-back • Word Clock Output • Standalone Mode • USB2.0 (USB-C Connection) • 24bit / 96kHz
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Microphone Preamplifier Mic Gain Range: 58dB Line Gain Range: 58dB (-10dB pad) Phantom Power: 48v +/-4v @ 10mA/Channel Mic EIN: <-127.5dBu CMRR: >80dB @ 1kHz Maximum Input Level: +16dBu Input Impedance (Mic): >3kO Balanced Input Impedance (Line): >10kO Balanced Frequency Response: +/-0.5dB 10Hz to 40kHz Crosstalk: <-105dBu @ 1kHz <-103 @ 10kHz THD+N @ 0dBu (1kHz): <0.0015% SNR: 100dB XLR: Pin 2 (Hot), Pin 3 (Cold) & Pin 1 (Shield) 1/4” Jack: IP (Hot), RING (Cold) & SLEEVE (Shield) D.I D.I Gain Range: 58 dB Maximum Input Level: +10dBu Input Impedance: 500k Frequency Response +/-0.5dB 10Hz to 20kHz THD+N @ 0dBu (1kHz): <0.1% SNR: 100dB 1/4” Jack: TIP (Hot) & SLEEVE (Shield) ADC Inputs Digital Reference Level: 0dBFS = +10.5dBu Frequency Response: +/-0.5dB 10Hz to Fs/2 Crosstalk: -125dBu @ 1kHz & 10kHz THD+N @ -1dBFS (1kHz): <0.001% Dynamic Range: 112.5dB A-Weighted DAC Outputs Maximum Output Level: 12dBu Digital Reference Level: 0dBFS = +12dBu Output Impedance: <50O Frequency Response: +/-0.5dB 10Hz to Fs/2 Crosstalk: <-110dBu @ 1kHz THD+N @ -1dBFS (1kHz): <0.001% Dynamic Range: 121dB A-weighted 1/4” Jack: TIP (Hot), RING (Cold) & SLEEVE (Shield) Headphone Output Max Output Level: 11.25dBu Output Impedance: <50O Frequency Response: +/-0.5dB 10Hz to Fs/2 Crosstalk: -108dBu @ 1kHz THD+N @ -1dBFS (1kHz): <0.001% Dynamic Range: 118dB A-weighted Max Level Into 30ohms: +8.5 dBu, 0.00094% THD+N, 1.66Vpk Power: 86mW Max Level Into 60ohms: 10 dBu, 0.00079% THD+N, 2.55Vpk Power: 104mW Max Level Into 600ohms: 11.2 dBu, 0.00057%THD+N, 3.83Vpk Power: 24mW 1/4” Jack: TIP (Left), RING (Right) & SLEEVE (Shield)
Guarantee: 24 Month

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