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US manufacturer Alexander Pedals are a determined bunch; if your guitar tone isn't warped beyond recognition, they haven't succeeded in their mission. This zero-compromise approach has resulted in some of the whackiest stompboxes we've ever had the pleasure of experimenting with. Their latest offerings are no different: introducing the Space Race Reverberation Pedal!
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Otherworldly Tones The Alexander Pedals Space Race encapsulates the broadness of the term 'reverb'. Combining both classic reverb sounds with abstract ambiences, you've got a wealth of options at your disposal. Featuring an advanced microcontroller with presets, expression and MIDI capability, you've got 6 gloriously spacious modes to choose from: Mod: a chamber reverb with subtle modulation for bubbly liquid sounds. Speed and depth of modulation can be tweaked. Shim: reverb with added pitch shift. Choose between octave up or octave down for sci-fi-style ambience. Lofi: distorted, filtered, warped, gritty. If you're looking for raw, uncharted tonal territory, this is the one for you. Plate: based on the classic go-to plate reverb mechanism and modern replicated algorithms. Clean, soft, timeless. Spring: exactly what you might expect! Warbling, retro-style reverb that's perfect for old-school blues and creepy arpeggios alike. Analog: pure, warm echo reminiscent of old tape-style effects. Tweak length, depth and modulation for a flexible ambient palette. Comprehensive Controls As with many of Alexander Pedals' offerings, the Space Race manages to squeeze a ton of tweaking options into a tiny enclosure. The four main knobs are Reverb, Space, Mix and Tweak - all pretty familiar so far. But two footswitches allow tap tempo and bypass respectively, plus the select and hold switches allow you to repurpose each knob to tweak your desired effect. This really is an all-encompassing reverb toolkit.
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Space Race

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