FULLTONE - Full-Drive 2- Red V2 overdrive

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Dimensions: 4.45"W x 4.2"D x 2.5"H 16 gauge cold rolled steel enclosure. Based around the desirable JRC4558 chip and 1990’s Full-Drive circuit, with 2 toggle switches for many more sonic options. 30% smaller than the FD2-MOS, 15% smaller than the FD3 at only 4.45" wide x 4" deep. 2 Footswitches: Left ON/OFF footswitch: True-Bypass switching with exclusive Fulltone “Anti-Pop” circuit. Right “Channel select” footswitch: switches between Overdrive 1 or Overdrive 2, each with individually adjustable Volume and Drive knobs. 100% Built in the USA. 16 gauge cold rolled steel chassis with easy battery access via 2 thumbscrews. 9-18VDC operation, extremely green circuit only pulling 10mA of current. 2 toggle switches to access the many clipping options LEFT 3-position switch: Comp-Cut- removes clipping diodes, not a clean boost because it can distort the opamp. Flat Mids- a late 1990’s Fulltone invention that feeds signal back on to the clipping diodes removing the Mid-hump. Vintage- traditional 90's Full-Drive slightly asymmetrical clipping. RIGHT 3-position switch Wide- combines Mosfets & Schottky Diodes for more clarity, less compression, a more D*mble-like sound. Standard- traditional 90's FD2 slightly asymmetrical. Half-Clipped- another Fulltone exclusive, only clips the top waveform for extreme clarity, feel, and touch like you've never experienced! Explanation of DRIVE 2 “channel.” Think of it as the "More" Channel.... Engaging the DRIVE 2 footswitch brings in the DRIVE 2 knob, allowing you to add distortion (in addition) to what's selected on the DRIVE 1 knob. At the same time, the pedal jumps from the (pedal’s main, large) VOLUME knob level setting to a higher level selected on the DRIVE 2 VOLUME (mini-knob.) Practical uses: 1) Use as a volume Booster (same Distortion setting, only louder): Set DRIVE 2 knob to "0" and set DRIVE 2 VOLUME mini-knob to taste 2) Use as a higher Gain lead tone with Volume Boost: set DRIVE 2 knob anywhere above "0" and DRIVE 2 VOLUME mini-knob to taste. Ideally you set DRIVE 1 for your lower-distortion sounds and DRIVE 2 for the higher distortion sound…effectively giving you 2 pedals.
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Overdrive The V2 got a Half Clipped Mode and a separate volume control for Drive 2 True bypass Controls: Volume, Tone, Drive 1, Drive 2, Volume Drive 2 Switch: FM / Vintage / CC, Wide / Standard / Half Clipped Footswitch: Effect Bypass, Drive 2 Connections: Input (6.3 mm jack) & Output (6.3 mm jack), mains connection Power supply with a 9 V battery or a 9 V DC power adapter (hollow plug socket 5.5 x 2.1 mm, negative pole inside) Power consumption: 15 mA Dimensions (W x D x H): 125 x 115 x 70 mm Weight: 612 g Made in USA
Guarantee: 24 Month

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