Allpedal - Love Machine - Fuzz

The Love Machine is Allpedal's tribute to one of the most sought after, classic fuzz circuits from the rich tonal history of fuzz, in impeccable build quality. The Love Machine is dripping with vintage, chewy, organic fuzz tones, and a blendable octave up for cutting through the mix.
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As with all their effect pedals, Allpedal took special care in the Love Machine's esthetics with its shiny varnish, sophisticated embossed artwork and anodized knobs. Allpedal is a division of Warehouse Guitar Speakers, the American manufacturer of guitar and bass speakers established in the US for over 35 years. For several years as well, WGS has also been installing their speakers in the amplifiers of several known boutique brands. On top of that, WGS offers an optimized solution for American brands of effect pedals or boutique amplifiers that need to grow their businesses and step up to a larger production capacity thanks to their professional equipment and their own experience in circuit and product design, component options, enclosure manufacturing, CNC and powder coating machinery, all while remaining in USA. Thanks to their experience in manufacturing and the precision in designing their WGS speakers, Allpedal now enters the pedal market as its own brand with a line of high-end, beautifully crafted and inspiring effect pedals. With great attention to details, Allpedal takes particular care of their enclosure's esthetics with sophisticated embossed artworks and anodized knobs. Willing to have users keep their pedals in the best condition for as long as possible, each pedal comes with an alternate graphics-free back plate (except for the Devil's Triad) so it can be attached to your pedalboard. Endorsed by several WGS artists, Allpedal gets an enthusiastic response from users in the pedal market which boosts the brand's presence immediately.
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- Fuzz: gain level. - Tone: low / high balance. - Octave: level of octave up. - EQ toggle switch: low-ass filter. - Level: output volume. - Soft-Touch switch. - Powered in standard 9V DC.
Guarantee: 24 Month

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