ROLAND - JC40 - Jazz Chorus Guitar Amp

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The JC-40 Jazz Chorus delivers Roland’s renowned “JC clean” tone and signature stereo chorus effect in a compact combo amp with evolved features for the modern guitarist. Like the flagship JC-120 amp that it’s based on, the JC-40 offers a classic stereo clean sound that’s a perfect palette for tone shaping with stompbox effects. Now, there’s also a true stereo input for enhanced performance with stereo effects pedals, guitar synths, amp modeling gear, and multi-effects. In addition, the JC-40’s onboard effects include newly added features and updated sounds to support the needs of today’s players.
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Legendary Roland “JC clean” tone in a small, gig-ready combo amp Stereo 40-watt amp with two 10-inch speakers Stereo input enables players to get true stereo sound with modelers and stereo effects pedals Signature Dimensional Space Chorus effect for expansive stereo sound Built-in vibrato, distortion, and reverb effects, newly evolved for modern styles Footswitch jacks for turning onboard effects on/off while performing Stereo effects loop for connecting external effects

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