ELECTRO-HARMONIX - Chillswitch - Momentary Line Selector

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Electro Harmonix Chillswitch is an active temporary line selector switch that allows you to turn on another circuit by pressing the footswitch. You can also use the pedal as a (temporary) attenuator for your signal. The pedal was formerly known as Kill Switch and has recently changed its name. However, the specifications are still the same. There are two rotary knobs on the pedal: Engage and Send. With the ENGAGE knob you determine what happens to the output (Amp) of the pedal. With the Send knob you set what happens to the signal after it enters the pedal. The pedal is powered by a 9V battery or an optional 9V adapter.
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Effect: Active Switch Design: Analog Mono/Stereo: Mono In, Mono Out, Send, Return Controls: Engage, Send Switches: - Bypass Mode: Buffered Power supply: 9V DC, center negative Power consumption: n.a. Also Works On Batteries: Yes Battery type: 9V Housing Size: Standard Made in: USA
Guarantee: 24 Month

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